Tugas Mata kuliah Digital Media

Exam Chapter 8

1. Which OSI layer is responsible for managing optical signals used for data communication?
2. An installed fiber run can be checked for faults, integrity, and the performance of the media by using what device?
3. Which characteristics describe fiber optic cable? (Choose two.)
It is not affected by EMI or RFI.
It is the most expensive type of LAN cabling.
4. When is a rollover cable used in a network?
for connecting two routers through their AUX ports
5. Refer to the exhibit. An ISP donates some decommissioned Cisco 2600 series routers to a local high school. The high school plans to use these routers in their networking classrooms for students to practice. Which type of cable is used to make an Ethernet connection between routers RTA and RTB?
crossover cable
6. Which data communications standard provides broadband access in a wireless network?
7.Which connector is used with twisted-pair cabling in an Ethernet LAN?
Option 4
8. Which of the following is a characteristic of single-mode fiber-optic cable?
generally uses lasers as the light source
9.Which type of cable run is most often associated with fiber-optic cable?
backbone cable
10.What are three measures of data transfer? (Choose three.)
11.With the use of unshielded twisted-pair copper wire in a network, what causes crosstalk within the cable pairs?
the magnetic field around the adjacent pairs of wire
12.What is a purpose of the physical layer in data communication?
to convert a frame into a series of signals to be transmitted on the local media
13. In LAN installations where potential electrical hazards or electromagnetic interference may be present, what type of media is recommended for backbone cabling?
14.What is a possible effect of improperly applying a connector to a network cable?
Data transmitted through that cable may experience signal loss.
15.Which fiber connector supports full duplex Ethernet?
Option 3
16.A customer installs a wireless access point at home in the closet next to the kitchen. The customer mentions that the wireless communication performance seems degraded when the cordless phone or the microwave oven is in use. What is the possible reason for this degradation?
The wireless signal is in the same radio frequency range as the household devices are in.
17. Compared with UTP cable, what extra characteristic of STP cable helps reduce the effects of interference?
the metal braiding in the shielding


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